Sandra de Vries


Hoera, ik doe mee aan de Foty Awards 2022 en maak kans op de volgende ronde!

Het is hierbij belangrijk dat ik referenties verzamel, dan vergroot ik de kans dat de organisatie mij selecteert voor de Foty Awards 2022. Alvast bedankt!

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Plaats Rotterdam
Ondernemersfase Ondernemer
Website www.pulsaqua.com

Over Mij

Just after I finalized my studies on Water Resources Management, I started a small assignment where I was asked to investigate a failed citizen science project to measure rainfall. This failed project made me fall in love with citizen science. I realized how much you can do when science becomes a cooperation between many different people that can all bring something to the party. You can unlock such high potentials, with the force to make changes and find previously hidden solutions. I think it is a wonderful thing to work together with such a diversity of people that all work towards the same goal! So much even that I started my own company PULSAQUA, enabling me to work on citizen science every day to help solve environmental issues. With PULSAQUA I offer advice and expertise to develop, analyse, and improve citizen science projects for understanding and possibly towards solving environmental issues and changes. My clients are activists (Li An Phoa, Drinkable Rivers), researchers (Monica Estebanez Camarena, Delft University of Technology, Schools and Satellites), and governments (Bert Bellert, Rijkswaterstaat, Plastic monitoring in rivers).